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Forget about spending HUNDREDS of dollars on expensive exterminators.

(Most bed bugs in the USA are now immune to organophosphates, DDT, and pyrethroid insecticides that exterminators attempt to use to get rid of bed bug infestations.)

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This safe and organic bed bug treatment and control solution will save you time and money ... and best of all, it actually works!


From: Michael Romner 6:43 PM

Dear Bed Bugs Sufferer,

Are you sick and tired of seeing disgusting little bed bugs infesting your home? Waking up with dead bed bugs, bed bug droppings, blood on your mattress or even bed bug bites is probably one of the worst things imaginable for you and your family.

Have you ever tried to get rid of bed bugs on your own? Not so easy.... is it?

Sure, cleaning or even disposing of the affected clothes and furniture may make you feel like you are making a difference, but it just doesn't solve the problem permanently. Bed bugs will keep laying eggs, keep coming back and inevitably end up attacking you and your family at night again and again.

So take 6 minutes to read over this webpage and I promise you will learn exactly what you need to do to solve this problem and get rid of bed bugs permanently.

The fact that you are reading this is evidence enough that you want to get rid of your bed bugs infestation, but like many people you may not not know all the facts, or what to do.

But the more information you learn about bed bugs, the more you'll realize that not taking action immediately is a very poor decision. Bed bugs are unfortunately MUCH more harmful and invasive than you may think.

Here are 5 facts about bed bugs you may have been happier if I hadn't shared :

Female bed bugs lay up to five eggs a day. Your tiny bed bug problem can and will spiral into an out of control, all-out, beg bug infestation in just a matter of days.

Bed bug bites cause secondary infections and can lead to intense allergic reactions. You may have been bitten and not noticed (yet,) but as your skin desensitizes to bed bug saliva due to multiple exposures, you could break out in red itchy rashes.

Whenever and wherever you sleep, these things are crawling all over your skin! Bed bugs are nocturnal ... only because YOU sleep at night. If you become a daysleeper, they will become active during the day to feed on you. If you sleep in another room, bed bugs will follow you. These creatures are persistent and will stop at nothing for a meal.

Bed Bug infestations can stink... as in SMELL. Once bedbugs feed on you and become present for an extended period of time, they will emit a pungent odor from the oil present in their saliva. Not only will they bite you, but to add insult to injury they can quickly stink up a whole room!

The red spots appearing on your sheets are blotches of your own blood! The little black things you see on your sheet covers are either bed bug fecal matter, or dead bed bugs!


If you have tried finding a solution online, you have probably heard that A) you need to throw most of your possessions away and buy a new wardrobe, mattress, and sheets AND B) You need to hire an exterminator.

Well ... that sounds pretty EXPENSIVE. Most of us don't have the resources for that type of solution ... not only that, but it probably won't even work. (If you have a landlord, good luck trying to get any help!)

Here's the deal...

There IS a simple, natural, and inexpensive solution to get rid of bed bugs from your home PERMANENTLY. You won't need to spend HUNDREDS of dollars replacing everything in your home or getting MULTIPLE exterminator treatments with no guarantee.

There is a Solution

My name is Michael Romner and my home was infested with bed bugs, just like yours might be right now. When I woke up one morning to find blood spots all over my sheets and my back covered with bites, I knew I had to do something immediately!

I was so determined to kill every last one of these evil creatures and get rid of bed bugs forever, but unfortunately it turned out ... bed bugs weren't that easy to get rid of.

At first, I tried washing everything. Well, that worked for about a day.

Then I tried hiring an exterminator. After two days of being bed bugs free, I thought it was the best $318.78 I had ever spent. Well, to my dismay ... they came back.

Then I tried searching online for some solid information I could put to work to get rid of the beg bugs infestation in my bedroom. There wasn't really anything too helpful, a lot of scattered information with no concrete method on what I could do.

I thought about buying some type of insecticides, but the idea of spreading toxic chemicals in my living areas ultimately didn't sound too appealing. I felt helpless.

What Happened Next Saved Our Home

Then, about a week later I was *blessed* enough to run into an older gentleman in our building who previously had a beg bug infestation.

After embarrasingly admitting that my wife and I had bed bugs in our apartment, what he told me was music to my ears.

He had found out exactly how to rid his home of bed bugs permanently.

He told me he had experimented with a few methods and used trial and error for weeks until he figured it out. Better yet, he had helped almost everyone on his floor get rid of bed bugs permanently so the bed bugs wouldn't make their way back to his apartment ... ha!

He went on to explain exactly what he did and the results were simply amazing!

After I successfully eradicated bed bugs from my apartment (so far 1 year and 7 months with no bed bugs), I went on to put together an easy-to-follow, step-by-step resource guide to help people get rid of bed bugs from their homes too. Man, I wish I had this when I first had bed bugs!

This guide has been used by hundreds of people around the country and from the feedback I have recieved so far, it has an almost flawless success rate. Here is a sample of some of the testimonials I have received (and I hope you send one in too!)

(Testimonials may contain grammar and spelling mistakes as they have remained unedited.)


So How the Heck do you Get Rid of Beg Bugs?


The simple fact of the matter is: if you want to get rid of your bed bug infestation, you must take action.

As much as you'd like them to, bed bugs are not going to disappear unless you do something about it.


So here's the list of options you have for eliminating your bed bug problem...


You can hire an exterminator: It will be EXPENSIVE. Want to verify that? Go look up the number to an extermination company and ask them how much it will cost. Hundreds of dollars. No, they won't guarantee the results and YES, they will probably have to come back for multiple visits.

Use chemicals yourself: I don't know about you, but I wasn't too keen about spreading poisonous insecticides all around my bedroom and all over my bed. Even if you did that, you might succeed in killing a few bed bugs, but you definitely aren't going to take them all out permanently.

This isn't your everday ant or fly problem. Just ONE female bed bug will lay five eggs a day until you have thousands of bed bugs all over again. If you have bed bugs, you have bed bug eggs in your home also. Killing a few of them with chemicals is not going to accomplish anything.

Are you really interested in wiping down your bed, furniture, clothes, and other personal items with toxic chemicals? Well, guess what ... that's where bed bugs hide.

Do nothing? Well, you certainly wouldn't be here if you were not going to take action and do SOMETHING.

Here's something you CAN do about it ...

This simple guide lays out a proven step-by-step blueprint for you to get rid of bed bugs permanently and to ensure they won't come back!

Here's what you'll learn inside Bed Bugs Treatment Secrets Revealed:

Bed bug removal secrets compiled and found ONLY in this guide

Step-by-step methods to eliminate an existing bed bug infestation in any home or apartment

Easy-to-follow instructions on how to protect yourself from bites while sleeping, before your infestation is removed.

WARNING: Something you should NEVER do when dealing with bed bugs ...

5 simple keys to saving HUNDREDS of dollars from useless exterminator treatments

One little-known tip to detect where bed bugs are hiding, more effective than exterminators and even trained dogs!

10 time-tested and proven strategies to get rid of ANY bed bug infestation QUICKLY and NATURALLY

16 university-tested and scientifically proven chemicals for every specific bed bug scenario (mattresses, indoor spaces, frames etc.) to use only for the most severe bed bug infestations. While we will focus on natural remedies, I wanted to include this because no one else has this!

Much, much more...


Bed Bugs Treatment Secrets Revealed is ideal for just about any situation. Here's why:

This natural method works without chemicals. What this means to you is not having to worry about exposing yourself, your family, and pets to toxic chemicals.

This guide details methods that are 100% organic.

This guide requires no pest control experience. If you are like me - not a professional exterminator - this is perfect.

Here's the deal...

This has helped hundreds of people already ... and it WILL help you.


This is a digital ebook that can be downloaded instantly so you can take action immediately. Since I don't have to pay to print actual books and then pay to ship them, this ebook is priced very affordably.

Have you seen all the news stories lately about bed bug infestations? Don't worry, you aren't the only one suffering. Since this season has been so bad for bed bugs, I have decided to lower the price from $39.99 down to only $24.97, so anyone can take advantage of this.

Do me a favor, compare this to the cost of what you would pay for an exterminator. That's right, you can literally pay less than 10% of what it would cost to hire a stranger to deploy toxic chemicals all over your bed. Starting to sound pretty good?



It gets even better...


Here's something I'd like to do to make this the best investment possible for you.

If you take action right now, I will include the following as FREE bonuses:

Bonus #1 "Native American Secrets of Bed Bug Removal"

Think bed bugs are a new problem in America? No... these evil creatures have been around for centuries. Here's a quick report about how Native Americans dealt with their bed bug problems. It gives you amazing insight into how you can win the war against bed bugs in your home...naturally. You cannot find this anywhere else.

Valued at $4.99

Yours FREE


Bonus Offer #2 "Bed Bug Trap and Detector Guide"

Did you know that the hardest part of getting rid of bed bugs is finding them? I have included the plans to an easy to assemble, low cost (about $15) bed bug detector and trap that has been scientifically tested and proven to locate bed bugs more efficiently than trained dogs or exterminators. I will walk you through how to assemble it and use it. Deploy this baby and figure out exactly where the bed bugs are coming from, not only that but it will kill them!

Valued at $19.99

Yours FREE


---->*RISK REMOVED*<----

I know that you will be 100% happy with the results after implementing the step by step strategies in this guide. However, if for ANY reason you are not satisfied, all you need to do is shoot me an email within 60 days and I will refund your purchase.

Just try to get that guarantee from an exterminator!

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

So here's my 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Click the add to cart button right now and you will get instant access to Bed Bugs Treatment Secrets Revealed and both free bonuses, for the discounted price of just $24.97.



Here's to your sanity and a bed bug free night,

Michael Romner

Bed Bug Treatment Expert

P.S. If you have a bed bug problem you NEED this guide. Even if the infestation isn't too severe, I'm sorry to say but it will likely only get worse.

P.P.S. If you aren't 100% sure these methods will work for you, just remember that you are backed by my risk free guarantee.




FTC Disclosure:

There is no possible way I can judge the effectiveness on this program for the average user due to so many variables. I do know that I receive emails regularly from people thanking me, and the refund rate is less than 1.5%. The reason I offer a 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee is because I don't want you to pay for something that doesn't help you. I know this has helped a lot of people, but if it can't help you, you get your money back. It's that simple.

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